3 Day Money Back Guarantee

Value Package Proposition Details


3 Day/150 Mile Money Back Guarantee* at Alan Vines Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee 
(If returned in same condition as purchased and within 150 miles) *Applies to most pre-owned 80,000 miles or less

What this means for you, our future or present customer, is simply that you may return the vehicle you purchased with us, for any reason, if you return the vehicle to us in the same condition as it was when you purchased[1] it from us and with 150 miles or less[2] driven in the vehicle between the time of your purchase and the time or your return.[3]

You may be asking yourself…  "Why would a car dealership have such a policy?"                                 
or maybe "Sounds good, but I wonder if there's a catch here?"

The answer is just that we want and strive for all our customers (past, present, & future) to be completely satisfied with the vehicle(s) they have purchased from Alan Vines Automotive. We have no desire to force anyone to keep a vehicle they purchased if they later decide it might not be the right fit for them, or simply because it would be profitable or easier for our business.  Our reputation means more to us than the monetary profit from any single vehicle purchase.  If for any reason, you're not comfortable with your purchase or it's not a good time for you to buy a vehicle we want to leave the decision up to you.

It really is that simple. We believe so much in making sure our customers find and purchase a vehicle from us that they love, that they feel is a completely reliable mode of transportation, and that fits not only their wants and needs but also their budget. Adding this policy to all the other great benefits of dealing with Alan Vines Automotive was an easy decision.

If you have any more questions concerning this policy or anything else related to your past, present, or future, new or used vehicle purchase or buying experience, feel free to contact our Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Jeremy Vines or Customer Relations Manager, Karen Lenard directly….

Jeremy Vines:
Karen Lenard:
Email: jeremyvines@yahoo.com

Email: karenlenard@yahoo.com
Phone: (800) 945-7664

Phone: (800) 945-7664


[1] Note: By "same condition as purchased" we simply mean that there are no issues, damage or mishaps that have occurred to the vehicle. Obviously, the general cleanliness of the exterior and/or interior of the vehicle, that would have been the natural result of normal use of the vehicle, would not be an issue with regards to the "same condition as purchased" clause.

[2] Note: By "within 150 miles" we would go by the official mileage on the odometer, as recorded at the time of purchase, as the starting point of the 150 miles disclaimer. At the time of purchase, we will record the odometer reading for our documents and on the document that you will have signed during the purchasing experience, and this will mark the start of said "within 150 miles."

[3] Note: This specific policy may only apply to vehicles that are purchased with 80,000 miles or less and that subsequently qualify as Alan Vines Automotive (AVA) Certified Pre-Owned as stated in our Value Package Proposition (VPP).